Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are You the Next Design Star?

Design Star

Allright all you design aficionados- you think that you can hang with David and Emily, well here's your chance! This Sunday, here in Las Vegas HGTV is holding an open casting call for the next season of Design Star. Click here for more details. I filled out the 17 page application (um yeah) and will be there to check out all of the action. I've always wanted to know how this behind the scenes stuff happens so I'll have a full report for you on Monday. I'm sure that I will pulverized by the the competition but I've always been adventurous enough (okay dumb enough) to at least see what the big boys are up to. Say a prayer for me. I don't even know how to operate any major power tools so it should be pretty embarrassing. At least our curiosity will be satisfied though, right? Now go spruce up your portfolios and I'll see you there.

HGTV's Design Star 7 Vegas Flyer


  1. Sounds like fun! Good luck - and 17 pages wowzee! That would be neat seeing stuff behind the scenes.

  2. Awesome. I'm wishing you tons of luck! Have fun. I'm sure you will.

  3. Good luck and prayers....you are amazing Aim!


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