Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trina Turk Outdoor Fabric = Love

 It's crazy how easily I can design for other people and absolutely maddening it is to design for myself.  I think it's a good lesson for me.  It reminds me just how scary it can be to pull the trigger on something that you've been dreaming about doing for such a long time.  To My Clients:  I feel you.  I've currently been sitting at the computer since 3:45am trying to make some last notes on my new business card design and will spend tomorrow (really today I guess) obsessing about the outdoor cushions I'm having made for myself.  I fully realize that these are not life and death decisions but I do want to be thoughtful about how I spend my money and present my design aesthetic to the world.  The Architect and I have vowed to do the real work of designing for ourselves. We aren't going to cheat ourselves out of the special anymore because it's easier.  Here are the outdoor fabric contenders.  Feel free to weigh in!


  1. LOVE this fabric Amy - the pattern and the color. I'm envious you are decorating your own home...we're still looking. May rent another year and save so we can afford more of what we want. These darn So Cal home prices. *sigh*

    Please keep sharing photos of your remodel journey. I'm enjoying it. xo

  2. Amy, where are you? All well?


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