Monday, June 4, 2012

Toto Toilet Wins

How hard can it be to pick out a toilet?  As it turns out pretty hard.  Our new fixer upper, now dubbed the "No Tell Hotel Strodl" has 4 different toilets each in a different pastel color from 1960.  It's a regular Easter basket around here!  My Architect (hubby) took me shopping once and I went over to Ferguson's to check things out on my own as well.  I was taking notes, pictures, reading labels and inspecting every square inch of the loos.  The one thing I wasn't doing was sitting on each one.  Now I'm not particularly self aware or easily embarrassed but I wasn't about to sit on every toilet in a showroom filled with ladies picking out Dorn Bracht fixtures in their cutest Tory Burch sandals... that is until the sales woman INSISTED that I sit on the one I really liked.  It was a very modern, narrow squarish toilet.  She said to me, (the sales woman not the toilet, although there are some toilets that will do everything short of well...give you a bikini wax) "you have to sit on that or I won't sell it to you."  So I sat and I couldn't get up fast enough you guys.  This was one uncomfortable toilet.  I proceeded to sit on every toilet and didn't give a crap what anyone thought-sorry couldn't resist!  4 toilets can run you a little money and can be a pain to install so I didn't want to get this wrong.  In the end, we decided on a nice modern Toto with a dual flush system to save on water. It's pretty, comfy and saves on the H2O.  Two are going in tomorrow and I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little excited about it.  Moral of the story-sit your butt down, you have try on toilets like you'd try on a pair of shoes.  I've hear Japanese toilets are ahmazing.  Anyone have any stories they'd like to share.  I'm really curious about them now!


  1. Nice collection of toilets!
    I love our dual flush Toto too ... you will be happy with the cohesive sleek look this will bring! I recommend keeping a brush beside each one, if you read the reviews, its true what they say!

  2. Wow. I have never really considered that you need to sit on the toilet before buying it. But it makes sense. If there is anything I hate, it's a flimsy feeling toilet seat.

  3. I hope you are going to put those old toilets in the backyard and plant flowers in them! JK love the new toilets, major improvement!

  4. Toto was a good pick. I made the mistake to buy a chinese brand and am having a terrible time with my toilets. They don't flush well, get clogged all the time and there are no repair parts :(


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