Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Right White

Hello people. We have had a busy two weeks on Mason so I thought I'd give you an update. Jason was almost eaten by a tarantula (yes!), we have a new walk-in closet, we have a back yard full of grass and we painted the entire house white. So let's just talk about that for a second shall we? I'm here to tell you that choosing the right shade of white paint is crazy hard. Any designer who tells you it's easy is lying. Did I spell that right? Lying. Lieing. Liing. Yep, got it right. Anyhow, there are go-to's like "Decorator's White" "China White" and "Swiss Coffee" and the new to me "Chantilly Lace" and "Cloud" but it really depends on what else is happening in the room. What kind of light bulbs you use are huge! Also, are there reflections of the outside or an adjoining room that play in? What colors are in your textiles and art? So much to consider. As always, a big sample that you view at various times of day is your best bet for choosing the right shade of white. In the end, we went with Sherwin-William's "Snowbound". It's a cool white with a tiny bit of gray in it. We think it will look great when the concrete floors are polished up. It may be hard to tell but here are a few snap shots...


  1. That is an honest to God tarantula!!!! I would have had a heart attack and died right there on the spot!
    You are right. White is hard to get right. I think going with a gray undertone is a good choice. The wrong amount of yellow undertone just makes your walls look dirty.
    The yard looks beautiful! When are we having a cook-out?

  2. gahh that spider is horrifying!!!!

  3. Ah... you might want to warn me next time before you post such a big (to me) image of a spider.
    I am (almost deadly) an arachnophobiac.

  4. White is THE hardest colour to get right! I love it when you do though, the walls just glow :) This is going to be a fab ulous space!

  5. Well it looks like the perfect white from here. More! More!


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