Monday, February 7, 2011

Kelly Wearstler's New Blog, My Vibe My Life


Say what you want about Kelly Wearstler but one thing you can't call her is lazy. This designer sets the tempo for designers world wide and bloggers everywhere are going nuts because she is now officially one of us! Check out My Vibe My Life for Miss Wearstler's blog. If it's anything less than visually stunning I would be shocked. I'm sure you won't see anything other than some great snapshots into the design world according to Kelly. To me, she is glamorous, mysterious, beautiful and crazy creative (even if it isn't always to my liking). I'll be reading her blog I can promise you that.

Kelly Wearstler 1

Kelly Wearstler 2

Kelly Wearstler 3

Kelly Wearstler 4

Kelly Wearstler 5


  1. Exciting yes. I agree with your comments, even that not everything she does is always to your liking. I thought I was the only one :)
    Will be checking out her blog for sure!

  2. I really think her designs are cool maybe not practical. I discovered her blog last week. I cant wait for her to really get into the blogging world.


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