Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home Libraries To Die For

Home Library

For all of you book, pray, love your hearts out!

Home Library


Home Office/Library
images via Mochatini


  1. Holy shnikey! How do people end up with that many books? Amazing.

  2. I want to say something intelligent about natural light, the airiness of the high shelves, the way that homey and industrial elements work together -- then I look at all those books and all those shelves and I'm reduced to a single word: WANT.
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  3. I love these photos... Someday I'll have a proper built in library, but until then I've got my Billy shelves from IKEA. Great post!

  4. A dream of mine is to have a room in my home with wall to ceiling bookshelves. Love the ones you shared! I visualize my piano somewhere in the room too and the boys and i spending evenings reading and enjoying music.

    Until I win the lottery, I will just have to be patient too with Billy shelves from IKEA. *grin*

  5. I love huge libraries!!


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