Friday, January 14, 2011

But First Coffee

Coffee Lounge Chairs

Number 1. If you live in Vegas, go to Sambalatte in Boca Park and have some coffee. You are sucky if you don't support this place. Best cup of coffee I have had outside of Spain. Number 2. How cute are these lounge chairs I found on Esty? They were reupholstered in coffee bean sacks and I think they are so flippin cute! Now go get a cup of joe with your sweetie this weekend.


  1. Oh those chairs are so shabby and cool..happy drinking coffee..i will go get my tea!

  2. these are just too cool! my guy works for the coffee biz so I've requested that he hunt down some coffee bags for me - would love to make slipcovers for my dining chairs... :)

  3. Spain you say? I just booked a flight, and it's my first time. Have any must see places?


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