Friday, October 15, 2010

Jim LePage

Word: Jonah

Sometimes you are rewarded for wasting time on the internet. Sometimes you bump into talent, creativity and passion. Sometimes you bump into Jim LePage. This talented graphic/web artist and "church communications thinker" from St. Paul is graphically representing each book of the Bible and I dig it! He is posting a new piece of work each Friday here. You should check it out and you should even buy something. I'm trying to narrow down my favorites pieces. It's even making me want to read the Bible and although I've been a Christian since I was drinking chocolate milk through a swirly straw this is still a daily battle. Yea for Jim! Yea for God!

Word Leftovers: Song of Solomon 2

Word: Joel

Word Leftovers: Daniel

Word: Lamentations
all images by Jim LePage

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  1. Great post ! You have a lovely blog :)

  2. I had come across the Jonah one a while back not knowing he was doing a series. Love them, especially the Daniel one: odd, funny, right on?

  3. Oh wow. This is great. I'm with you. I think we tend to forget that the Bible is always relevant, even in our time. These illustrations are a great reminder of that fact.

  4. and to think there are still new ways to interpret the bible! adios cloth characters on a green felt board...

  5. You were rewarded -- what a great find! I really love that locust illustration.

  6. LOVE these! I am going to pass them along to some of my favorite hip Christians right now:) Thanks for sharing!


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