Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creative Jewelry Display

Jewelry Display
images via Dress, Design & Decor, Heather Ulrich, The City Sage and Apartment Therapy

I swear I'm going to the bottle if I have to untangle my jewelry one more time! Do you guys have this problem or are you all organized and perfect and labeled and color coordinated? I'm a mess with my one little jewelry box and every time I go to buy a new one I am horribly shocked at the price tags. You can include jewelry boxes on the same list as razors, a full set of highlights and organic milk. I am not crafty by any stretch of the means but I think even I can manage one of the options below. I'm going for the old picture frame option and might get all jiggy with a wallpaper background. Add it to my to-do list.

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  1. I did a post on this recently! I think everyone struggles with this.. I did a whole post and I still have necklaces on doorknobs and earring on window ledges!

  2. I love the tree branch look. I would paint the branch white or gold, though.

  3. Awesome! I am loving these.

    xo M

  4. Just a quick note from a first time poster; thanks for the work that you put into this blog! I for one appreciate it very much.

  5. try ice cube trays for earings ... not pretty but great in a drawer - I have one for gold, one for silver and one chains ... cost $5.50 total - hee hee le


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