Monday, March 15, 2010

Land's End

True story. My husband complained to me that he needed new towels. Fast forward a couple of weeks to Land's End asking me if I would review their organic cotton bath towels and by the way I can keep two sets for myself. Ummmm, yes please! So, to be fair in my first editorial review (which some bloggers disapprove of but they didn't need towels as much as I did)I am comparing these to PB's cotton towels, Calvin Klein's Home towels and The Hotel Collection towels. Right off the bat, they are softer (still absorbent) and a smidge bigger. They are also made of 100% organic cotton which means that Al Gore and I can finally be friends. So, really that is about all one needs in a good towel. This is Varnish bringing you a word from our sponsor.

Lands End


  1. haha my husband is the same way! complains about towels!? i didn't know land's end did much besides khaki pants... good to know :)

  2. because you are witty and have very cute boys i would buy these towels :)


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