Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh No You Didn't

Imagine you have this gorgeous home, you are falling asleep on the sofa in front of a crackling fire and you wake up only to realize you're being abducted by aliens. Which is better than sitting on this sofa, by the way.

Did that sofa just SAY something? Pretty sure it has a mouth.

It's really the arms on these bad boys that make me cringe.

This sofa is either related to the Michelin Man or it ate 3 Lazy Boys. Horrible.


  1. that green sofa is hilarious! thank you for following my blog, from megan in NZ :)

  2. Who gave these people permission to design furniture? That green one reminds me of Shrek.

  3. find the best..worst.. images ever lol..great post!

  4. OMG you labeled this post 'horrible' and that is what it is! I love it that you just say that you don't like it as many people rather keep their mouth shot ... so yeah Pleas abduct me!

    I went to see sofa's yesterday as I really need a new one and I realized to that there are so many cold and straight ones No elan or coziness at all. It made me realize that the one I fall in love with probably is the right choice.
    Thanks for becoming a follower

  5. ewwwww ick and double ick ... how can things go so wrong :) le

  6. oh boy, i think i feel just a bit queasy now...

  7. We kind of like the Michelin Man sofa. And the mouth sofa. ITs that throwback style.


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