Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Madness

Missoni for Target

Did you people try to go to Target's website yesterday while I was trying to buy Missoni?? Well, you must've because I couldn't get on and now everything is sold out. In 1 day. That's right it's Missoni! Miss. Soni if you're nasty. Sort of funny. No? Okay, well anyhow, it's Missoni Madness and you better get in on the action. It's akin to the Cabbage Patch Doll fiasco in the early 80s but without the mom-on-mom fist fight action, unless of course there was a show down on Grand Canyon that you'd like to share with the class.


  1. I saw this craziness on the news. I love that throw and all......but seriously. Wonder how the big peeps at Target have felt this week? A little elated, you think?

  2. I've heard tales of the madness but I didn't go myself. My strategy was to wait for things to die down a bit . Duh, apparently all was sold out in minutes!

  3. i want them all!

  4. i want that damn sold out blanket. I missed the missoni.

  5. I went the other weekend to a Target in Virginia Beach (I was visiting there) and they were almost completely sold out. The only things I managed to get were the zig zag black tights and a composition book! Here in NYC there was a 4 hour line for the pop-up shop at Bryant Park and it sold out in the first day! Boo hoo!


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