Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY Paint Swatch Art

Paint Chip Art

I blogged a few months ago about a little DIY project that I thought was cool so I busted out my colt 45 and got busy. Here are the step-by-step instructions if you are feeling a little frisky this Monday.

1. Have an empty frame laying around somewhere. Preferably under a bed, a little warped from water damage and purchased from Ikea in 2001.

Paint, Chip, Swatch, Art, DIY, Varnish

2. Have a glue gun. If you read design blogs than my guess is you have one. The tough part is locating the bag of glue sticks.

3. Go to your local hardware store and pretend that you are painting the Taj Majal but really just take (steal) about 40 paint chips. I used Behr because they were so big and I started to feel that I would be taken to Home Depot prison for taking so many swatches if I didn't hurry up and get the heck out of dodge.

4. Start gluing those bad boys right to the backer board of the frame- unless of course you want to reuse it at some point.

Paint, Chip, Swatch, Art, DIY, Varnish

5. Hang and gloat to your husband that this cost you zero dollars and it's actually kinda cool. I got a lot of eye ball rolling during this but I think he likes it now. Good, no?


  1. Great job Aim.....looks awesome!

  2. ohhh that is SO COOL!!!nice one!

  3. Very good. There seems to be alot of projects using stolen paint chips out in the craft blog world. I am keeping my fingers crossed the paint companies don't catch on and start charging us for their swatches! I better stock up while I still can:)

  4. Great color sense! I'm having an online facebook Q&A via Napa Style that I think you might be interested in. We'll be talking about color and style for home designs. We'd love to have you there! Sept 14 at 10 am PDT. RSVP here:


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