Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh No You Didn't!:Taiwan

Fantasy Suite at the Eden Motel

I. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Today's "Oh No You Didn't" feature is on a special little place called the Eden Motel in Taiwan. That is the "Fanatasy Room" up above and it's not so much the hearts that have me amazed (I am from Las Vegas after all) but more the rose wallpapered ceiling and the lightbox floor. I hope they provide one of those sleeping, eye mask thingys for this room because my eyes are burning from the backlit rose petals. Conclusion: Could serve as a good distraction from any of those self conscience moments if you decided to go with the lights on. If you get my drift.

Batman Room

Yep. It's the Batman Room. No. it does not come with Christian Bale just the plastic bats on the ceiling.

World Suite at the Eden Motel

Ah, the "World Room." For people that want to go on a safari but live in Taiwan. Even though I am sincerely appreciating the large lizard crawling over the life size Cheetah print I feel that you could achieve a similarly desired affect by having lunch at the Rainforest Cafe in the MGM.

*A special thanks to freshome for bringing these images to my attention!


  1. ahhhhhhhh that rose room cracks me up. I can assure you I would be too terrified to get it on in there.

  2. "très kitsh", stunning hotel, for fun! :D

  3. I love these posts of yours. I couldn't sleep in any of those rooms!

    jeanette from everton terrace

  4. What the crap, may I ask, is in those light boxes? It's too much. I have to say that I would choose the Batman room over the others. At least I think I could go to sleep in there!

  5. beuuuurrrrkkkk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. "Wow" that bat room is a trip,lol. All you need is a red phone and your good to go. Richard


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