Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Leger Wanaselja Architecture Goes 80 in a 65


My 5 year old is learning about the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) at school and keeps asking me, "mama, how can we turn this trash into something we can use?" I love that his little mind is thinking creatively about how we can consume less. Leger Wanaselja Architecture firm would be proud. Here they have used old car parts and street signs to design this multi-family unit in Berkley and boy is it something out of the box! I can't say I will be using Volvo car hatches any time soon in my design but the lesson isn't lost on me. I happen to love the street signs used on the front entrance and the hand rails in particular. You guys get an A+!





images via Dwell


  1. Talk about a great recycler! Love this.

  2. wow...that is so interesting!

  3. there is a community center in Boston that used crystler car windshields as the glass on the interior handrails. It looks awesome. Sounds like you have a little McDonough on your hands:)

  4. Beyond cool. I love finding new uses for old things. If you really work at it there's really very few things you need for a home. Sometimes it is best to just make do.


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