Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tumblr Roundup


Just a mish mash of inspirational images today. This laundry room is just got that something special, hasn't it? Can anyone identify that floral fabric? My guess is Osborne and Little but I haven't researched it yet.


The house is above is very "Amy." Love the bright white walls paired with a bold, colorful accent. The modern pendant, the antique piano. Yes. Oh my yes!

via maryruffletumblr

It's just so true isn't it?


  1. My laundry needs a little sprucing I think. My daughter told me she always watches how a date is to the waiter - smart girl.

  2. I love that laundry room. Let us know if you find out what the fabric is!

    What if that person is nicer to the waiter than you? ...?

  3. I LOVE that poster. That is SO true. On a related note, I noticed this week that I think I am nicer to strangers than I am to the people I know. I'm not sure what that says about me, though. :/

  4. Wow thank you for these fantastic photos... I'm inspired.

  5. sooo true poster! amazing

  6. i just read that waiter quote on a sign in jimmy john's last weekend:) love it! very true


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