Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh No You Didn't:Texture

Grass Chair

It has been waaaay too long since I've done an Oh No You Didn't! post. They make me laugh and feel better about my own train wreck life. It's Jerry Springer for Interior Designers people. Today's theme is texture and boy do we have some goodies! Up to bat first is this lovely bergere chair covered in a simulated grass fabric. It's ridiculous but could possibly be cool in a really hip, modern hotel patio (if it had say Kelly Wearstler's name attached to it). If I proposed something like this I would get laughed out of a room.


Under no condition is this chair anything but horrible.

Crochet Room

This all crochet room is just out and out hilarious! The trim work around those lovely tall windows is actually upholstered in crochet! Was this just glued up? I'm so confused- was this a Design Star challenge gone wrong? That was a lot of questions wasn't it? And that was another one again. Hey oh.


  1. have you seen the obese eames?

    yikes! I like the way you write. It's exactly how I think.

  2. wow. that chair is hideous! and that room! someone has WAY too much time on their hands! :)

  3. That crochet room is my worst nightmare. I'm seeing those old 70's craft books in my head. It could only be worse if there were some macrame in there.

  4. omg. my dog would totally pee on that chair

  5. Too funny! Love this, you need to do it more often. You're right, I do feel better now.
    Now back to my train wreck.

  6. I love this series. You should do it more often so we can all have a laugh with you. I love the green and gold combo though


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