Thursday, March 24, 2011

DIY Kids Art

Kiddo Art

I don't do this very often but indulge me here folks. My kids are awesome! My husband thinks our boys are going to grow up and be on the PGA tour but secretly I know deep down in my bones they will be artists, chefs and possibly an NFL linebacker (for those of you who know my kiddos, you know to whom I refer). The art above was made for Grandma Strodl this Christmas and she had the good sense to have it framed. Stunning, yes? Anyhow, I bought a six pack of canvases from Michael's and the cheapo acrylic paint and let them have at it. The younger they are the better artwork I've found. My four year old tries too hard to make realistic looking yoda's and star troopers but my two year old's I feel I could pass off as the real deal in a gallery. Moral of the story, you can get a fabulous piece of artwork for cheap that will have far more sentimental value than anything you can buy. I highly suggest it. The bragging rights are priceless.


  1. I totally agree. As a matter of fact, I have thought this for years. Even when the older ones try to make actual images, the colors and movement are still awesome.

  2. i think you could make a fortune on ebay

  3. That is pretty good looking kid art.

  4. indulge! this is awesome

    by the way. I ordered a diaper genie yesterday morning and it was at my front door by 5 pm. Is that not crazy!?

  5. Grandma is VERY proud to own an original oil on canvas by her very talented grandsons!

  6. Grandma is VERY proud to have an original oil on canvas by her talented grandsons!


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