Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

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It's been raining all week in Las Vegas which is nothing short of a miracle. It's cool and green and smells like the wet desert. It makes for a yummy Friday afternoon is all I'm saying. What must it be like to live somewhere like Washington, Oregon, Ireland or Scotland? I'm sure I romanticize the rain but what do you readers think who live in it all of the time? I'm sincerely curious. Is it love or hate? Wishing you all a rainy, comfy, cozy weekend!

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  1. I lived in Belgium growing up and it rained often. I loved it and still do!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. There is nothing like the smell of desert rain. One of my favorites and I find it hard to explain to anyone not from this area of the world. My daughter moved to Seattle (from Phoenix) last year and she was so excited about the rain she bought MANY pairs of rainboots. Well, by end of summer she was dying to come home and warm up her bones.

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  4. after living for 12 months in the gulf of carpentaria - wet season four months - moonsonal rains - the remaining months dry as in drought dry - I am loving the gentle wet of the high country here in the blue mountains ... it has rained all day today, gentle soft spring rain, snowed last weekend - I am in my element :) best le

  5. I lived in Vancouver for years and love the rain- I like how when it rains, you can snuggle up with a glass of wine and read or do nothing and not feel guilty about it:)

  6. I've been in Ireland for almost 4 years while my guy is working here and I used to love the sound of rain (in Canada we have normal weather) but I have found it to be dreary, damp and most of the time it's just not a gentle rain, it's a lashing rain with such winds, you can't hold up an umbrella. I long for sunshine and birds chirping....

  7. Well...coming from Norway, it does rain a lot here, especially this time of the year! We don't love it, we hate it as much as you all do, but we really know how to appreciate the good weather though!!! Have a great Autumn day! And a great weekend!

    Kristin xx


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