Thursday, July 8, 2010

FLOR Homes

FLOR Office

Does anyone else want to make out with each and every issue of FLOR? I am sincerely obsessed with the homes featured in their mailers. Today I tried to find out anything at all about whose homes these are and who exactly styles for these photo shoots. If you know, please tell me so I can send them a love note!

FLOR Living Room

FLOR Credenza


This rope bed frame makes me crazy. Who makes you?

FLOR Kitchen

Again, this kitchen is so heart-stoppingly beautiful. White marble, white cabinets, dark floor, orange rug, AQUA SHAGREEN barstools with nailhead trim????!!! Oh my Lord, help me not to covet.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i love the rope bed

  2. Gorgeous floors.. really!! perfect homes!

  3. Great images. I am dying to do a project with some of their carpet tiles as an area rug.

  4. Brilliant! I had never heard of FLOR---But these images are more than enough to draw me in! I especially love loove that first image. So much personality in these rooms.

  5. I love those floors:)
    Kisses and have a wonderful weekend:)

  6. I love the bedframe too! Unfortunately my cats will mistake it for a scratching post. Sigh

  7. Flor is such a cool company, that I bet if you called them or wrote their marketing person, someone could tell you. They should have a credit on those rooms! The rope bed is so unique and fun. I'd love to use it in a space.

  8. Lovely design.
    I like them especially in the hot summer day.

  9. i love this product... i have it at home al it looks great!

  10. I love that first photo! That plant (and it's pot) make me want to add a bit more green to the indoors.


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