Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Southwest Stylings

Southwest Concept
Art by Bern Hill, Dress by Hermes, Sandal by Ana Sui, Plate by Urban Outfitters

Ready or not- here it comes! Every time you think you have seen the end of a horrible moment in decorating (ie. coyotes, peach and turquoise color schemes, dream catchers and adobe pots that are 6 feet tall) it gets reinvented and beckons a second glance. Southwest themes are making a showing in fashion which means we're right around the corner from seeing the same in home decor. Turquoise is already here in a big way and Santa Fe motifs are popping up everywhere. I would normally deem this look as wretched but guess what? I like what I see here and I bet you do too. Admit it. You do.

You know you do.

Southwest Concept 2
Rug by Urban Outfitters, Photography by Hilary Walsh, image via Elle

Southwest Concept 3
Dress by Mod Cloth, Art by Kathy Mortonston, Chandelier by Marjorie Skouras, Fabric by Ralph Lauren Home for Kravet


  1. You're back!! How did it go? I was thinking of you last week, and sending good wishes your way! LOL, I agree, the Southwest look is full-on wretched (lol - great choice of adjectives!), but these are actually really pretty, great job in picking them out!

  2. i do like that uo rug and the art by kathy mortonston! annnnd i have to admit, i have an aztec looking dress from f21. but, i live nowhere near arizona. ;)

  3. Amy you are so sweet, thank you!
    I am glad you like my work, I will be soon posting some more!


  4. Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I LOVE yours and thefollow is well and truly returned! In fact, may just have to use some of your images in tomorrow's post...if that's ok?

  5. I love that chandelier! Very beautiful color. Very cool trend!

  6. When I read "peach and turquoise color schemes" I literally did a little audible "awwww". I'm not joking. Yes. I'm totally loving it.

  7. Love the turquoise bag chandelier and how nice is that dress!

  8. very cool post... love the colors of that painting!

  9. I know I love that dress! and a touch of native american decor is a plus, esp since my husband is part chippewa!

  10. in LOVE with those anna sui sandals. and basically everything else.


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