Monday, April 19, 2010

Living Color

Philips Living Colors

Here's a shot of the new Philips Living Color lamp that I looooove! I get in trouble a lot for turning off all of our overhead lights too early in the evening for ambient lighting. I love a lamp, I love a dimmer and I'm constantly getting the "energy savings talk" from my architect because I insist fluorescent bulbs cast an ugly glow in my lamps. Well, problem solved people! I was asked to review Philips Living Color LED lamp and I'm smitten. This lamp is gorgeous even when it's off but let me tell you it's more fun than cocktails and back to back reruns of Community! It can be customized to over 16 million different shades of light AND you can control multiple lamps via remote control. It's awesome. I keep moving mine all over the house. It's awesome for a little bow chicka bow bow, for a party or simply for an evening of reading when you want to keep the boob tube off. If you like mood lighting than this is for you. Trust me, you'll love it. The remote has even survived a little dip in the loo. That's an important quality in my house. So, go get yourself one- you won't regret it! Philips is hosting a giveaway. Enter here.


  1. Oh very cool! I am just like you, Amy, I HATE overhead lighting unless it has dimmers! I am all about the lamps, when I first met my husband he used overheads all the time and it drove me crazy! Thank goodness I have him trained now! Hope your weekend was great!

  2. Oh p.s. I'm married to an electrician and we always fight about lighting. He is big on recessed can lights. I hate them.

  3. What an awesome lamp-beautiful and versitile!

  4. I want one! Why didn't I get a hands-on trial??

  5. Bummed I missed the boat on the giveaway - great share though! They look AMAZING!!!


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