Monday, March 1, 2010

"Welcome to My Shiny World"

Toni Hart with his weapon of choice

Now, normally this would fall under the "Oh No You Didn't" series but I'm from Las Vegas and this house is from one of the oldest (and coolest) neighborhoods in Vegas. Featured in the New York Times Home & Garden section, the Hart family proudly shows off their penchant for all things glitzy and hot glued! Now, I'm not stupid, obviously the NYT is laughing their arses off at us but I feel a smidge protective of these people and their ridiculous "mansion." It sort of falls under the rule that you can certainly make fun of your own family but God help the stranger who talks trash about them. It's just so over the top and well- hot glued that it's almost awesome. Almost. P.S. I'll offer the Harts a discount on my services.

Toni Hart made the drapery, upholstery and bedspread with his now famous glue gun.
I always said I could build a house with a glue gun!

The bedspread weighs 35 lbs.

Look! It's a pink bathroom.

I'm diggin on those green wing backs. I'm not kidding.

Notice the rouched silk taffeta at the ceiling.

Mrs. Hart is an ordained minister and performs wedding ceremonies at their indoor pool. Sweet!

I heart the Harts.

Again, the piano is crazy cool and it truly sets off that Glamor shot!


  1. You know what .... I love it in a peep into someone's lifestyle kinda love ... I adore people who have money and have fun with it .. and afterall ones home is ones castle so good on them for living large and going the whole pink hog ... as long as it stays in their house and does not cross into mine - it's live and let live :) hee hee le

  2. My my, that is one PINK bathroom. I'm with you on the wingback chairs, I thnk wingbacks are always classy.

    Btw, I changed my blog url.

  3. omg his house is incredible! so detailed and beautiful

  4. not bad, not bad at all. loving it too, especially that pink bathroom.

  5. hi Amy! Thanks for reading and following my blog! :) It really means a lot. I really like your blog! Stay in Touch!


  6. This house is so fantastically tacky, but there are definitely some cool elements!

  7. not very my style, but i think it's their "fairytale" home!

  8. Hart makes me want to go after my piano with a glue gun and lots of shiny things! :0

  9. I might get married again if I can do it at his pool !

  10. Such interesting rooms - that shocking pink bathroom is crazy :)


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