Monday, February 8, 2010

Sam Charles has become a bit of a trend in Hollywood. He's found a niche painting famous people's dogs. While typing that sentence, I laughed out loud because in one sense it seems so dang funny and just so HOLLYWOOD doesn't it?! Despite the fact, that I just beat the crap out of my beautiful dog who was eating scrambled eggs off the table, I do have friends without children who are huge animal lovers and would totally go for this. I have to admit, I love Sam Charles' work and if you have that special bond with your pooch (the kind where you share an ice cream cone with them-you know who you are), then this is the way to go. It's modern. it's fun and Sam does a beautiful job capturing that sweet look in a dog's face. The pitiful one that makes you give them table food and sit on the sofa when they shouldn't.

Perez Hilton's dog above.

I wanted to include this image from William Secord. I am crazy for this traditional installation. Would look so fab in a library or an office.


  1. That room is so cool! And I agree... great idea for a library! I want one of these cool paintings of my little pup who I am totally in love with! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I need these for both of my furry children. I love the library/office too. I can spend hours looking at walls of paintings and photographs.

  3. Those are awesome pictures! Frank (my dog) needs one.


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