Monday, August 24, 2009

Quiz Results Pretty Please!

If you take the style quiz below let me know what the results are and where you are from in the comment section (tiny little not at the bottom of the post).  I'd love to know what my readers lean towards.  Here are my results!

*For a family home, your style is surprisingly masculine. Perhaps it's to do with all the gadgets you own, though more likely about the choices you make when it comes to colour and functionality of design. Chances are, perhaps, that your busy lifestyle might add an element of unavoidable disorder to an otherwise orderly and disciplined aesthetic.


  1. I took the test but the results were blank... I'll try again later and if it gives me results I'll come back and post them.

  2. Hey, it's Courtney. I have tried getting at that quiz 20 times in every way I can think of, including typing in the URL, rather than using the link and it's just coming up blank. I guess it just can't figure me out! I'm probably traditional, not too formal. Love color. We live in a 1950's house and I have a real hodge podge of different styles, but I definitely don't like clutter or too girly.


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