Monday, June 22, 2009

Staircases with Drama

Okay, random Monday post but I wanted to share a couple of great stairways with you from Metropolitan Home.  And sadly, against my best efforts of rummaging through my husband's meticulous collection of Dwell, I cannot manage to find a beautiful shot of a staircase in someone's home where the couple hand wrote excerpts from a love letter written by the owner's grandfather to her grandmother.  It is written out on the treads over three flights in what looks like black marker.  It is beyond the idea of thoughtful design and brings an intimate glimpse of a family's heritage into plain sight.  The deeper metaphor of daily walking in love with your family is beautiful. In a much more shallow sense I adore the graphic element going on with the runner and the risers in the images below.  Stairways really are a forgotten space in a lot of homes.  I think it's great area to get bold with color, pattern and artwork since you are just passing through.  It doesn't need to be a restful space, I would actually argue the opposite.  I would opt for an energizing design...especially when you need all the help you can get making it up the stairs!  Go for some drama.  Please.  Someone.

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  1. Hi Amy! I totally agree with you, I love staircases with lots of faily photos or interesting designs. lovethe bloack and white tile in the first photo you posted. :) We were dropping by to let you know that we are having a contest over at Primed4Design this week -

    Best of luck! :) Jen of Primed4Design


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