Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Headboards, originally uploaded by amywebster.

So many pretty headboards abound! Most of these images I found on a website called Not a lot of sourcing here but most any of these can be replicated by an upholsterer and several of them are very easy to replicate yourself! How easy would it be to paint, either free-hand or using a template, a beautiful custom "headboard." Also, it is super simple to go to your hardware store, buy a piece of plywood and either wrap it with fabric or even wallcovering for an instant bedroom makeover. I do not consider myself crafty and even I have managed to make this happen for my previous guest bedroom. Let your imaginations run wild when it comes to headboards! They are not exactly functional unless you do a lot of sitting up in bed and well...okay, okay guys don't go getting all dirty-birdy on me! You know what I mean. Headboards are all about looks and it gives you license to be creative. The second I have one extra bedroom, I am definately going to take my own advice and have some fun with the focal point. You'll be the first know when that little DIY project is complete.

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