Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Zen Factor

Well, my first assignment was to address the need to get away in our own homes. I know, from experience, that your home can be the most stressful place to be! Make an effort to de-clutter, it will make a HUGE difference in the way you feel in your space. If the task seems too daunting, have a friend come over and help. A person that is not emotionally attached to your clutter is just the ticket. I also would advise bringing the outdoors in. Buy a bunch of flowers and put them next to your bed. Don't wait for your may never happen. The color and the scent will refresh your senses. Lastly, pick a room and really put some effort into making that your restful space. Whether that is your bedroom, bathroom or closet (make sure you can lock the door) infuse a sense of beauty and peace. Keep it sacred!


  1. I am so exicted to see all of your cool ideas! I could defintely stand to declutter, that is for sure! I have the fresh flower part down. You know the California climate! I have roses all over as I try to mask how much I need to remodel my house! I look forward to living vicariously thru you and your talent!

  2. Thanks for love Erin! Let's have some fun gabbing it up about pretty stuff!


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